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RCL is hiring and looking for someone like you.  Apply below and join our amazing team of caring professionals.  You can also download and apply in person or through standard mail.




Part-time Housing Intake & Support Worker

Pay rate: $17/hour up to 25 hours per week. Some weekends $18/hour rate.


Position Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree in human services (preferred) or a related field.

2. Previous contact (formal or informal) with persons with disabilities. Knowledge of disability issues helpful.

3. Understanding of the person-centered services and supported living concepts.

4. Ability to work productively and independently with little direct supervision.

5. Ability to handle multiple tasks and complete work within required timelines.

6. Strong time management, documentation and communication skills.

7. Flexibility, creativity, commitment, initiative.

8. Some evening work required. Some overtime (unpaid) also expected.

9. Automobile, valid drivers license and automobile insurance


Direct Service Responsibilities

  1. Provide direct support services and skill instruction to assigned individuals with the ultimate goals of increasing independence, providing opportunities/choices and enhancing quality of life.

  2. Develop assorted tools for individualized instruction as per the needs of the individual.

  3. Participate in the development of Individual Program Plans (IPP) for assigned individuals including the development of goals and methods for achieving goals.

  4. Conduct ongoing review of the goals of assigned individuals (informally – on an ongoing basis; formally – in writing each quarter) to ensure that all goals are being addressed.

  5. Develop and maintain contact with family members, roommates and relevant agencies related to assigned individuals.

  6. Participate in housing activities including match visits, match monitoring, conflict resolution, “Our Own Place Life” (see attached) and lease signing/renewal.

  7. Conduct ongoing review of housing arrangements to ensure that they remain mutually beneficial.

  8. Be familiar with and link assigned individuals with community resources/people/entitlements based on interests and needs of each individual. Complete intake and assessment materials for clients appropriate for RCL services

  9. Ensure appropriate hygiene as well as regular medical/dental appointments based on needs of individual.

  10. Ensure that participants are aware of and able to practice appropriate safety techniques for various settings (e.g., kitchen safety, neighborhood safety, personal safety, etc.).

  11. Ensure that each individual’s right to confidentiality is respected via obtaining written consent prior to disclosing any information or making contacts on behalf of the individual.

  12. Complete Incident Reports for unusual events and/or injuries and follow up on necessary treatment, training to prevent recurrence, etc. Comply with RCLs Abuse and Neglect Policy and make reports to the Office of Inspector General as required.

  13. Identify and discuss potential problem situations with Support Services Coordinator as they arise and provide crisis intervention services as needed.

  14. Maintain required documentation in each individual’s record including case notes, direct service hours, quarterly documentation, IPP, etc. Documentation should be completed in a timely manner.

  15. Provide intake, referral and assessment services to individuals seeking services.


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