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Our Mission:

To offer adults with developmental and/or physical disabilities opportunities to achieve greater self-esteem, dignity, and participation in all aspects of community life through affordable, independent housing options, individualized skill instruction, and necessary support services.

Sources of Funding:

Resources for Community Living is a non-profit organization. We rely on Government assistance to support our purpose. Due to economic times, funding has been cut severely to charities such as us. Today we are heavenly funded by donations made by individuals like yourself.

Timeline of Events:

1988 – Shared Housing for Special Populations is formed to match elderly individuals with disabled adults for housing.

1994 – Resources for Community Living (RCL) splits off to become an independent agency to focus on disabled adults.

1998 – In conjunction with Project Ground Floor; RCL helps clients find funding for the purchase of their own homes.

1999 – RCL launches its Inaugural Gala Benefit to maintain ongoing services, repeated every year as its primary fundraising event.

2000 – RCL receives Accreditation with Distinction from The Council on Quality and Leadership in Supports for People with Disabilities.

2011 – Government funding for disabled agencies is severely reduced, thereby requiring new funding streams to keep operations viable.

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