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Take our hand and let us help

RCL offers a variety of services which enables greater community living for our clients.  We allow them to take the “dis” out of disability.  Giving them the opportunity to be independent and maintain a more fulfilling life.

Our team is here to help and listen.  Assisting clients in a variety of areas from general guidance to housing services.



We provide training and support of a wide array of basic life skills. Areas include money management, public transportation usage, cooking, shopping, nutrition, and personal safety. A unique program is created for each participant.


We can assist your search for independent or sharing residence — and also investigate available financing. Since each participant signs his/her own lease, participants have greater control over their own lifestyle and living arrangements.



We offer career assessment, job placement, interviewing skills development, employment support and advocacy are all areas we can assist. Whether the participant wishes to work for an employer or start their own business, RCL has a broad experience to assist in creating a positive career path and work environment.


We provide the opportunity to link participants to other community members, resources and activities so that they may become active and contributing citizen of their communities. Through regular social and recreational group activities, RCL creates opportunities for social development and relationship building.


Eligibility Criteria
For those seeking the services of RCL, applicants must meet specific criteria.  Be an adult at of at least 18 years of age, and have a developmental or physical disability as documented by a qualified professional.  Please click here to download our complete list of requirements.